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New opportunities for the development of new energy vehicles in China

Date:2017-04-10 17:57

This year's government work report for the first time put forward "resolutely fight the battle of the blue sky", and from the settlement of coal pollution, promote pollution control, strengthen the vehicle exhaust governance, encourage the use of clean energy vehicles and other aspects of the deployment.
According to the latest forecast, in 2030 China's new energy vehicle sales will reach 40% of total vehicle sales, the amount of up to 80 million. The new energy will become the lasting power of the social and economic development, from the long-term development, the new energy is one of the strategic importance of multi game.
Power battery is the focus and core of the development of new energy automotive industry, mastered the power battery technology is equal to the core advantages of the development of new energy vehicles. Key indicators of the market's most concerned about the battery in five areas: safety and stability, cycle life, wide temperature resistance, charging speed and energy density.
In terms of power batteries, at present, three yuan lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries and lithium titanate batteries in the field of electric vehicles have applications.
Three yuan lithium battery is the cathode material, in addition to lithium, as well as nickel cobalt manganese, or nickel cobalt aluminum three kinds of metal. Three yuan lithium battery is relatively high price of lithium iron phosphate, but it has the advantages of high energy density, long cycle life, low cost, light weight and so on. Due to the high density of three yuan lithium battery capacity, mileage is relatively long, but the thermal stability of the lithium battery is slightly worse than three yuan, the battery and the vehicle manufacturers need to do a good job of battery thermal management.
Compared to three yuan lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery refers to the positive electrode material using lithium iron phosphate, anode material using graphite. Due to the advantages of stable performance, high temperature performance and light weight, the battery is more and more active in the electric passenger car market. However, the low temperature performance and the low density of the positive electrode material have no advantage in the micro battery.
Lithium titanate battery is a kind of lithium ion battery with lithium titanate instead of graphite as anode material, and its cathode material is lithium iron phosphate and lithium three. Lithium lithium titanate battery is currently the longest life, the highest battery safety. Lithium titanate battery has a long cycle life, can achieve more than ten times of charge and discharge cycle, higher than ordinary lithium battery. And lithium titanate fast charging performance is very good, the charging rate greatly exceeds the lithium iron phosphate and lithium battery three. On the other hand, the use of lithium titanate is very extensive.
At present, lithium titanate battery technology in the domestic market is relatively mature, mainly in the field of electric vehicles used in buses and ferries and other fields. But the lithium titanate battery low energy density is the biggest drawback, but with the development of technology, domestic enterprises are to solve the energy density of the battery problem, and through the combination of lithium titanate and fuel battery, successfully solved the problem of new energy vehicle mileage. Stimulation plus lithium titanate battery technology into the subsidy policy directory of the favorable factors, industry optimistic forecasts, 3 to 5 years, lithium titanate batteries will be rapid development, and three yuan of lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery in power lithium battery market formed a situation of tripartite confrontation situation.
Although there are still many problems in the development of new energy vehicles, the development trend is irreversible. In this situation, explore the development mode of the new energy industry should be coordinated development, application of power battery should also seek healthy competition to jointly promote the development of new energy industry to a deeper level, to achieve common goals China beautiful.